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Children's Toilet Cubicle Fittings

We offer a full range of Children's Toilet Cubicle Fittings for panel sizes 12-13mm & 17-21mm. ​Supplied in a single or multi-coloured powder coated finish.

To receive a quotation please give us a call on 01535 602141 or feel free to call in to view our new showrooms.​

Children's Toilet Cubicle Door Hinge

Children's Toilet Cubicle Door Hinge (Pair of):

The hinge is available in two sizes to accommodate most standard panels

12-13mm & 19-21mm thicknesses 

Full installation instructions are available.

The door is fixed to the hinge by a flush fitting through bolt which clamps the door tightly into a channel bracket. The fascia requires two holes per hinge to accomodate the nickel plated brass "T" nuts. All drilling can be done on site.

The hinge incorporates a pair of adjustable nylon cams which can be set to allow the door to fall fully open, fully closed or two positions in-between.

Supplied in co-ordinated powder coated finish, the hinges are supplied in pairs.

Children's Toilet Cubicle Indicator Slide Bolt

Children's Toilet Cubicle Indicator Slide Bolt

Designed for pre-school children, the Childsplay range of hardware uses bright primary colours, providing a visual stimuli and helping to eliminate the fear of a childs first use of a cubicle.

This lock features and easy to use slide action, and a coin operated emergency release method. In an emergency simply use the edge of a coin to release the lock.

Children's Toilet Cubicle Wall / Panel Bracket

Children's Toilet Cubicle Wall / Panel Bracket

Pressed aluminium to give a three dimensional form. The flush fitting security bolt provides a secure fixing for the panel, whilst the bracket itself adds form and style to the connection.

This bracket is available in two sizes to allow both wet and dry areas to compliment each other


The panel sizes which can be accommodated are

12-13mm & 19-21mm thick

Brackets are supplied powder coated in packs of 3.

The bracket is secured to the wall or fascia using two countersunk screws. The brackets are supplied in packs of three with all relevant fixings included. Full installation instructions are available upon request.

Children's Toilet Cubicle Partition Support Leg

Children's Toilet Cubicle Partition Support Leg

A brightly coloured partition support for childrens facilities.

This leg can be supplied to accommodate 12-13mm panels as well as 17-21mm panels. All fixings are included in the pack and full installation instructions are available upon request.

The leg is fully height adjustable to cope with uneven floors and gives a nominal floor clearance of 150mm.

Children's Toilet Cubicle Coat Hook

Children's Toilet Cubicle Coat Hook

This screw fix coat hook is fitted with a rubber buffer to prevent the door banging off the partition. It is fixed to the door using two countersunk screws.

It is available in a bright yellow powder coated finish.

There are two sizes 12-13mm & 17-21mm, all fixings are included in the pack, a through fixed version is available upon request.

Children's Toilet Cubicle Headrail

Children's Toilet Cubicle Headrail


Compact Laminate Headrail (12-13mm)

Designed specifically to accommodate compact laminate panels between 12 & 13mm in thickness, the headrail wraps around the panels helping to locate the fascias keep them in the correct vertical alignment.

Available powder coated Blue.

Headrail (17-21mm)

HR1 Headrail, the most common headrail used in the UK. Made from aluminium angle, the headrail sits over the top and front of the fascia panels as a stand alone headrail, or can be reversed and infilled with post-formed inserts to complete the cubicle.

Images of our fittings once installed:

Kids Toilet Cubicle Fittings
Kids Toilet Cubicle Fittings
Kids Toilet Cubicle Fittings

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