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Full Height Toilet Partitions

Full Height MDF Range

Our Full Height Toilet Cubicle Range is ideal for medium to low footfall environments and is perfect for areas where privacy is essential. It is complete privacy and anti-bully system. It is ideal for areas such as offices, supermarkets, village halls and clothing shop changing rooms. The cubicles are delivered ready to install which allows a reduction in installation time and costs. The materials provide an easy to clean and aesthetically-pleasing finished product.

Click here for anti vandal or wet area Full Height Toilet Cubicles

This system is manufactured bespoke to your measurements to ensure it fits the first time. We will provide you with a Drawing for Approval before manufacture takes place to ensure all the details are correct.

Advantages of the MDF System
  • Delivered ready to install

  • Complete privacy and anti bully system

  • Easy to clean

  • Quick lead time

  • Easy install: no site cutting required

  • Cost effective

  • 10 year guarantee on cubicle fittings

  • Bespoke

  • Mix panel colours to provide contrast

  • Fully water and rust proof SAA fittings

Highly Recommended for
  • Office toilets

  • Clothing store changing areas

  • Works toilets

  • Shop floor toilets

  • Reading booths and office cubicles

  • Taste booths

  • Supermarkets

  • Any dry area requiring cubicles

Full Height Specification

Dry Area Toilet Cubicles



Price Range


Heavy Duty Satin Anodised Aluminium

Approx 6 - 12 working days


18mm MF MDF



10 years on cubicle fittings



Partition Depth

1500mm (Standard)

2400mm (Standard)

Cubicle Height

Toilet Partitions Full Height.jpg
Full Height Toilet Partitions.jpg
Full Height Toilet Cubicles





Full Height Privacy Toilet Cubicles





MDF Range Colours

Doors and Partitions 
Due to material restrictions the door colour choice will determine the height of the door opening. See info below.
White 18mm MDF panel
Pastel Grey 18mm MDF panel

Cotton White

Door Finishing Height = 1950mm. 

20mm gap from floor

to bottom of door

Misty Grey

Finishing Height = 1950mm. 

20mm gap from floor

to bottom of door

Sand 18mm MDF panel


Finishing Height = 1950mm. 

20mm gap from floor

to bottom of door

Additional Door Colours (extra cost)
18mm MF MDF - Blue. B001JPG.jpg
Lavender Door 18mm MDF panel


Finishing Height = 1850mm.

50mm gap from floor

to bottom of door


Finishing Height = 1850mm. 

50mm gap from floor

to bottom of door

Panel Material

Melamine Faced MDF

The Dry Area System is constructed from 18mm MF MDF panels, which are a step up in quality from MFC  (chipboard) which is used for our Contractor Range.

The panels are completed with a 2mm PVC knock resistant edge edged all round. Melamine is extremely easy to maintain and exceptionally hard wearing, making it a perfect solution for toilet cubicle solutions. 

These material properties provide a simple low maintenance cubicle system.


18mm MF MDF panel for full height privacy toilet cubicles

Cubicle Fittings

Heavy Duty Satin Anodised Aluminium 

Slide bolt and keep

Slide Bolt and Keep

Wall and partition bracket

Wall / Partition Bracket

Cubicle Door Hinge

Door Hinge

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