DA Range Vanity Units

Our DA Range Vanity Units are ideal for medium to low footfall environments making it perfect for areas such as offices, supermarkets, church's and community centres. The units are delivered ready to install which allows a reduction in installation time and costs. We offer both recessed (inset) and semi-recessed porcelain basins. The materials provide an easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing finished product.

The Vanity Units are manufactured bespoke to your measurements to ensure it fits first time. We will provide you with a Drawing for Approval before manufacture takes place to ensure all the details are correct.

Advantages of the DA System
  • Delivered ready to install

  • Bespoke

  • 13mm Compact Grade Laminate worktop

  • Easy install: no site cutting required

  • Easy to clean

  • Cost effective

  • Mix panel colours to provide contrast

  • Porcelain basins

  • Can be supplied with or with out basins

  • Timeflow Control (Non-Concussive) Taps 







Recessed (Inset) or Semi-Recessed

Approx 5 - 8 working days

100mm High

Commercial and Office Environments 



Lift off panel at front of unit

25x25mm epoxy coated steel



Adjustable leveling feet


Timeflow Control (Non-Concussive) Taps 

18mm MF MDF Vanity Unit with 13mm CGL worktop in Sand and basin with pair of time flow taps
Vanity Basin with time flow non concussive taps
18mm MF MDF Vanity Unit with 13mm CGL worktop in White aand basin with pair of time flow tapsd Light Grey

DA Range Vanity Unit Colour Options

Carcass & Lift Off Panels
18mm MF MDF
White 18mm MDF panel


Pastel Grey 18mm MDF panel

Pastel Grey

Sand 18mm MDF panel


18mm MF MDF panel for vanity unit carcass
Worktop & Upstand
13mm CGL
White 13mm CGL Toilet Cubicle Panel



Pastel Grey CGL 13mm Toilet Cubicle Panel

Pastel Grey


Silver Grey CGL Panel

Silver Grey


Sand CGL Panel



13mm CGL panel with black edge for Vanity Unit

Panel Materials


Compact Grade Laminate

CGL is a 13mm thick self supporting material constructed from multiple layers of kraft paper. The kraft paper is reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure & temperature to produce a totally waterproof, high density, tough & hygienic panel.


The panels are one piece material with a black core meaning no edging is required. The typical edge finish is a polish & 1mm chamfer to the leading edge.

Carcass & Lift Off Panels


The vanity unit carcass and lift off panels are constructed from 18mm MF MDF panels.

The panels are completed with a 2mm PVC knock resistant edge edged all round. Melamine is extremely easy to maintain and exceptionally hard wearing, making it a perfect solution for toilet cubicle solutions. 

Example Layouts

Recessed Vanity Unit

example layout of 18mm MF MDF recessed vanity until wit two sinks and two pairs of taps

Semi Recessed Vanity Unit

example layout of 18mm MF MDF semi recessed vanity until wit two sinks and two pairs of taps

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