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Bio Carbon 12.5mm Solid Grade Laminate

Bio Carbon12.5mm CGL is a self supporting material constructed from multiple layers of kraft paper. The kraft paper is reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure & temperature to produce a totally waterproof, high density, tough & hygienic panel. The panels are one piece with a black core meaning no edging is required. The typical edge finish is a polish & 1mm chamfer to the leading edge. Due to the excellent qualities of this material we use it for through out our CU Range which comes with a 10 year guarantee against standard failure on all SGL panels.

Moisture Resistant

Fire Retardancy comes as standard to EN13501-1 and ASTM84.

Fire Rating (B-s1,d0) as standard

Carbon Neutral Footprint

BioCarbon Laminates are made using sustainable raw materials in a production process that is designed to protect the environment. Our business operations prioritise environmental sustainability and contribute to the UK’s ambitious net zero target. Our laminates are produced in a carbon neutral manufacturing facility which monitors, controls and balances carbon emissions, reducing them to zero.

Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial Protection

The BioCarbon Laminates Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) provides the security of Anti-Microbial protection for
hygiene sensitive areas, and the performance properties to make them suitable for a wide range of applications
such Private and residential housing, Public buildings, Healthcare, Hospitality, Washrooms, Commercial
interiors, Leisure facilities, Retail, and Educational, Railway Stations, Airport terminals and Industrial buildings.

Bio Carbon is tested under JIS Z 2801 method, the industry standard for testing Anti-Microbial performance on hard surfaces, as well as ISO 22196. Kills 99.9% of bacteria The perfect solution for hygiene-sensitive and high traffic areas.

Benefits of Anti-Microbial protection from BioCarbon Laminates:

• Destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria e.g. Escherichia coli (e-coli) and Staphylococcus aureus

• Resists the spread of germs, diseases, fungi, and viruses

• Resists mould and odour

• Moisture resistant

• Food contact

• Easy to clean

• Effective in high traffic areas

• No impact on durability and longevity

• No impact on aesthetics or design

Items we manufacture using 12.5mm SGL:
Toilet & Shower Cubicles
Vanity Units
Cistern Enclosures
IPS / Wall Panel Systems

13mm SGL panel for toilet cubicles

12.5mm CGL profile to show face and black edge

Bio Carbon Qualities in Logos.JPG
Arctic White BC115 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Arctic White


Luna Grey BC278 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Luna Grey


Elegant Grey BC259 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Elegant Grey


Graphite BC229 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Neutrals &




Ballerina BC529 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Ballerina BC529

Cobalt Royal Blue BC442 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Cobalt  BC442

Atoll Aquamarine BC559 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Atoll  BC559

Lime BC499 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Primarys &




All colours are subject to stock availability 

Images are to be used as a guide only.

Samples available on request

Gabbro BC342 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg


Gabbro BC342 

Please note:

Woodgrains are subject

to 20% surcharge

Images are to be used

as a guide only

Washed Oak BC693 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Washed Oak


Country Oak BC688 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg


Country Oak


Toilet Cubicles Colours CGL
Toilet Cubicles Colours CGL