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Double Vanity Cabinets for Shore Mechanical in Stoke

Design and supply of Double Vanity Cabinets made from 12mm Compact Grade Laminate (CGL SGL) to Shore Mechanical in Stoke


CU (Constant Use) Range -

Vanity Top & Splashback: 12mm thick Compact Grade Laminate panels

Vanity Carcass & Access Panels: 12mm thick Compact Grade Laminate panels

Colour of Vanity Top & Splashback: Pastel Grey

Colour of Vanity Carcass: Silver Grey

Colour of Vanity Access Panels: Pastel Grey

Number of: 1

Basins: 2no. per unit (includes cut-outs)

Wastes: 2no. per unit

Taps: 2no. sets of time flow taps per unit

Bolts: 4no. per unit

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