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Trespa Toilet Cubicles

12.5mm SGL Panels with 10-Year Guarantee 

Our SGL Trespa Toilet Cubicle Range is an anti-vandal robust system suitable for high-traffic and tough environments with high rates of wear and tear. For example school WC's, shopping centres, public WC's and swimming pools. Due to the ease at which this system can be cleaned it is also ideal for areas where hygiene is essential such as the hospital and the wider healthcare market. If you don't require the full system we can supply just the Trespa Partition as single items. The panels we use are SGL 12.5mm BioCarbon. This material is very similar to Arpa & Trespa panels. They are suitable for either standard toilet cubicles or shower cubicles plus Trespa Toilet Partitions. 

BioCarbon properties:

Moisture Resistant 

Fire Retardancy comes as standard to EN13501-1 and ASTM84.

Fire Rating (B-s1,d0) as standard

Carbon Neutral Footprint

Anti-Bacterial Protection

Anti-Microbial Protection

Bio Carbon Qualities in Logos.JPG
trespa toilet cubicles

This system is manufactured bespoke to your measurements to ensure it fits the first time. We provide you with a

Drawing for Approval before manufacture takes place to ensure all the details are correct. The cubicles are delivered with all the required fittings and ready to install. A qualified joiner, handyman or caretaker team will be sufficient to complete the fitting work. We also provide an installation guide and we have qualified installers ready to answer any questions you may have.

What's already done for you:
Install time:
  • Support leg fitted

  • Fitted pilaster to partition on brackets

  • Fitted rubber door stoppers

  • Fitted slide bolt keep to pilasters

  • Fitted sliding bolt to door

  • Fitted hinges to doors

  • Depending on experience, approx 1-2 hours per door & partition

Advantages of the SGL System
  • 10 Year Guarantee 

  • Anti-vandal

  • Delivered ready to install

  • Easy to install: no site cutting required

  • Totally impervious to water or moisture

  • Class O fire rated 

  • Non odour absorbent

  • Very easy to maintain and clean 

  • Most graffiti removable with detergents 

  • Will not harbour any biological growth

  • Environmentally friendly (due to long life of product plus being constructed from natural & recyclable products)

  • Fully water and rust proof SAA fittings

Highly Recommended for
  • Areas that are designed with quality & longevity in mind

  • Schools WC’s

  • Healthcare

  • Prison toilet and showers

  • Shower Areas

  • Public WC's

  • Changing Rooms

  • Swimming Pools

  • Hospitals

  • Pubs

SGL Cubicle Specification

Toilet & Shower Cubicles



Price Range


Heavy Duty Satin Anodised Aluminium

Approx 10 - 15 working days

Medium - High



10 years

Wet and Dry


Partition Depth

1500mm (Standard)

1950mm (Standard)

Cubicle Height

public toilet cubicles
SLG Trespa Toilet Cubicles in Lime Green and Grey.jpg
SLG Trespa Toilet Cubicles in Blue and Grey
SLG Trespa Toilet Cubicles in Sky Blue and Dark Grey.jpg
SLG Trespa Toilet Cubicles in Dark Blue and Red.jpg
SLG Trespa Toilet Cubicles in Grey and Sky Blue.jpg

Popular SGL Range Colours

Arctic White BC115 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Arctic White


Luna Grey BC278 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Luna Grey


Elegant Grey BC259 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Elegant Grey


Cobalt Royal Blue BC442 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Cobalt Blue


Tropical Yellow BC478 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Tropical Yellow


Crimson Red BC466 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Crimson Red


Heavy Duty Toilet Cubicle Layout

Please note:

Woodgrains are subject to 20% surcharge

Washed Oak BC693 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Washed Oak


Graphite BC229 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg

Neutrals &




Lime BC499 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg


Lime Green


Country Oak BC688 - 12.5mm SGL.jpg


Country Oak


Example Layouts

L Shaped Toilet Cubicles Layout.JPG





U Shaped Toilet Cubicles Layout.JPG





Standard Panel Dimensions

Standard Panel Dimensions for UK Cubicles CU Range

Panel Material
Bio Carbon Solid Grade Laminate

SGL is a 12.5mm thick self supporting material constructed from multiple layers of kraft paper. The kraft paper is reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure & temperature to produce a totally waterproof, high density, tough & hygienic panel. The panels we use are 12.5mm Bio Carbon.


The panels are one piece material with a black core meaning no edging is required. The typical edge finish is a polish & 1mm chamfer to the leading edge.


Due to the excellent qualities of this material we use it for through out our CU Range products which come with a 10 year guarantee against standard failure on all CGL panels.

12mm CGL panel with black edge for toilet cubicles

Cubicle Fittings

Heavy Duty Satin Anodised Aluminium 

Slide bolt and keep

Slide Bolt and Keep

Support Leg

Support Leg

Wall and partition bracket

Wall / Partition Bracket

Door hinge

Door Hinge

Typical Fittings Layout

Typical fittings layout for Trespa Toilet Partitions

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