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Toilet Cubicles 

Leading UK Manufacturers of Toilet Doors & Partitions for WC Washrooms


UK Cubicles manufacture and distribute commercial toilet cubicles, WCs, washroom and shower cubicle systems. 

They are delivered pre-build to allow for fast and faff free installation. 

We supply the best fit-and-forget Toilet Doors & Partitions for WC Washrooms.

Call us now on 01535 602141 or email to discuss your requirement and receive a quote. Speak to our specialist team today to help you to move your project forward. Use our over 35+ years of experience to ensure your requirement is completed successfully and on time. 

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Toilet Cubicles Ranges

We offer a range of systems to cover all washroom environments

Product Guide

View the recommended sizes for different 

types of cubicle requirements

Over 4000 Orders Delivered

Over 200 Years of Combined Experience

Drawing for Approval

Supplied with Each Order


Use our over 35 years of expertise to help structure your washroom requirement.


Before manufacture takes place we will provide you with a layout drawing to ensure all the details are correct.


Our team of fully qualified joiners will create your washroom requirement here at our factory in Yorkshire.


We offer quick lead times to all corners of the UK. All deliveries are fully insured to provide peace of mind.

Why Buy From UK Toilet Cubicles?

35+ Years Experience

Our office team and factory joiners have found solutions to most problems thrown up by the needs of our wide and varied customer base. Made in Britain.

View our what are Toilet Cubicle Dimensions page to tap in to some of our knowledge.

10 Year Guarantee on CU Range Products

The CU Range, which includes toilet cubicles, shower cubicles, IPS Panels and Vanity Units comes with a 10 guarantee against normal usage. The range is ideal for areas with high foot fall. Trespa Toilet Cubicles

10 Years Guarantee on Cubicles Fittings

All our cubicle fittings are supplied with an anodised finish to provide extra protection. Our toilet cubicles are a plastic free zone! The cubicle fittings can be bought individually. 

Short Lead Times

We pride ourselves on quick lead times. Our Flat Pack Toilet Cubicles ​has next day delivery on orders placed before 12pm!

One Point of Contact

Everyone likes a familiar voice therefore we offer one pair of hands to take you from quotation to drawing approval and finally the delivery process.

Family Owned Business

UK Cubicles is a family owned business. We take the family ethos approach in every aspect of our work which is reflected in our large number of happy repeat customers.


Why not take the​ time to come visit us for a cup of Yorkshire Tea and a take a look at our washroom showroom here at our factory on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Give us a call today to book an appointment or just pop in during office hours.

But how do you know which one will suit your needs best? Here are five things to look out for when buying a toilet cubicle.

1) Size – If you have limited space, then you should consider purchasing a smaller model. This will allow you to fit more toilets into the same area.

2) Comfort – Do you prefer a toilet with a seat that reclines or one without?

3) Privacy – Will you need to keep the door closed at times?

4) Space – How much room does the toilet cubicle take up?

5) Price – It’s important to find a toilet cubicle that suits your budget.

For in-depth information on toilet cubicles, visit out blog.

Toilet Cubicle
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'Very efficient response and excellent customer service on the phone, very impressed.'

Airedale NHS Hospital

The price, service and product was outstanding. High quality toilet cubicles.’

Upper Poppleton School

'After 20 years of installing poorly made cubicles and fittings – AT LAST a competent easy to install quality system.'

Wood Plumbing & Heating

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'Service was first class, your team liaised with our architects and provided the goods required to complete the works on our toilets cubicles facility.'

GKL Property Services

‘Excellent Service from initial enquiry to delivery.’

Lancaster Pot Holing Club

'Fantastic Service, Goods of Finest Quality. Customer service both from the Office and Driver were exemplary. Thank You.'

Lilliput First School, Poole

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Toilet Cubicles FAQ


How wide should a toilet cubicle be?

There isn't a hard or fast answer to this. From experience, we recommend that a standard cubicle has a minimum diameter of 450mm. With a width no narrower than 800mm (in an ideal world) to provide comfortable usability for intended customers.


What are toilet cubicles made of?

We offer three separate materials over our eight separate ranges:

Melamine-faced chipboard (MFC)

We offer this material for dry environments only. It's ideal for budget or short terms requirements. It's also available on a short lead time. Check out our Toilet Cubicle Partition page for more information

Melamine face MDF (MF MDF)

This is the next step up in terms of quality The panels are completed with a 2mm PVC knock-resistant edge edged all round. Melamine is extremely easy to maintain and exceptionally hard-wearing, making it a perfect solution for offices, businesses and low foot traffic areas. Have a look at our Commercial Toilet Cubicle page, which has more information including colour range.

Solid grade laminate (SGL)

For the ultimate solution, we have the tougher of all materials. SGL is ideal for hard-wearing or damp environments. It's also vandal proof not to mention it come with a 10-year guarantee. Visit the Trespa Toilet Cubicles page to see if it's the correct material for your scenario.

If you are unsure which material is best for your situation, get in touch via email or over the phone to discuss with our first-class sales team. Use our experience to arrive at the correct outcome.

Wondering about the gaps below and above?

There are a few answers to this. Firstly, it is the most economic use of materials and therefore the most effective option. Secondly, it make the panels much easy to clean and maintain plus extra airflow for obvious reasons. If you are looking for a more private washroom we do offer a couple of ranges to accommodate this. We have Full Height Toilet Cubicles and Privacy Toilet Cubicles.


How to fit toilet cubicles?

Our Cubicle Systems arrive in a flap pack form. For the majority of our ranges, the bulk of the work in terms of cutting and carving is already taken care of. Even some of the fittings will already be fitted to the panels. We advise a joiner or experienced handyman to undertake the installation. Full installation guides can be found on our Technical page. We are also available on the phone should you have any further questions. 

How to get a quote

To start the quote process send us a very rough dimensioned plan sketch of the layout. The more basic the better. Perfect drawings are accepted but not what we are expecting or require. As long as the number of doors and partitions plus a rough idea of the overall sizes then that's enough information. The drawing allows us to provide a more accurate quote. This ensures no surprises or extra costs spring up when it comes to the manufacturing process. When an order is received we will provide a drawing for approval. This must be checked over and approved before we can start manufacturing. It reduces the possibility of any mistakes, so please ensure you take the time to check and double-check the drawing before signing off the approval. 

Why not visit our sister website for more information on what we can offer? UK Washroom & Toilet Cubicles UK.

If you require more in-depth information about our systems, such as toilet cubicle layout guides or cubicle panels and fittings guides, visit the Technical page we created. The Technical page includes installation guides for our systems, which cover the Constant Usage Range, Dry Area Range and Contractor Range. However, we dispatch all our products ready to install. Therefore assembly will be straightforward and manageable by a joiner or handyman team. Receiving the goods cut to size, fabricated and ready to install saves on site and any headaches whether the toilet cubicles will fit the intended space. This allows less messing with cutting panels, creates dusting and more time concentrating on things that matter.....getting home earlier.

Our systems cover all aspects of toilet cubicle requirements. Whatever your WC requirements we have the items for you. From floor-to-ceiling partitions & doors for private or mixed-gender environments to waterproof cubicles for shower or swimming pool environments. To off-the-shelf systems that are perfect for fast lead times and short-term usage scenarios. We have most bases covered. 

If you are struggling to find or can not see the correct system for your requirement then get in touch. We are a bespoke manufacturer, therefore are often able to create or come up with a suitable solution for most scenarios. We have over 35+ years of trading experience and over 150 years of know-how and knowledge spread across our workforce. This allows us to come us with ideas and work around any issues you may have.

As mentioned if you require more detailed information or a quotation please give us a call on 01535 602141 or email If you are local to the area feel free to call in to view our new showrooms.

Toilet cubicles are private, enclosed spaces within a public restroom for individuals to use for personal hygiene. They consist of a door, walls, and a toilet seat. The purpose of toilet cubicles is to provide privacy, security, and comfort to users while they attend to their personal needs. Toilet cubicles come in various sizes, materials, and styles to accommodate different needs and preferences.

Materials: Toilet cubicles are usually made of laminate, solid surface, or compact laminate materials. Laminate is a popular choice because it is cost-effective, easy to clean, and durable. Solid surface materials such as Corian or Staron offer a seamless look and are ideal for high-end restrooms. Compact laminate is a popular choice for heavy-duty restrooms because it is resistant to water, moisture and impact.

Styles: Toilet cubicles come in a variety of styles to match the décor of a restroom. Some popular styles include:

  • Full-height cubicles: These cubicles have walls that reach the ceiling and provide maximum privacy and security.

  • Partition cubicles: These cubicles have partial walls and are ideal for restrooms with limited space.

  • Floor-mounted cubicles: These cubicles have walls that attach directly to the floor, offering a more secure and stable installation.

  • Ceiling-hung cubicles: These cubicles are suspended from the ceiling and are ideal for restrooms with limited floor space.

Features: Toilet cubicles can be equipped with various features to enhance the user experience, such as:

  • Privacy latches: These secure the door and prevent accidental opening.

  • Grab bars: These provide support and stability for users with mobility issues.

  • Ventilation: Some toilet cubicles have built-in ventilation systems to promote air circulation and minimize unpleasant odors.

  • Coat hooks: These provide a place for users to hang their clothing while using the toilet.

  • Mirrors: Some toilet cubicles have mirrors for users to check their appearance before leaving the restroom.

Maintenance: Toilet cubicles require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good condition.

This includes cleaning the surfaces, tightening loose screws, and replacing damaged or worn-out components. Toilet cubicles can be cleaned using mild soap and water, or with specialized cleaning products designed for the specific material.

In conclusion, toilet cubicles are essential components of public restrooms, providing privacy, security, and comfort to users. With a variety of materials, styles, and features to choose from, there is a toilet cubicle to meet the needs of any public restroom. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that toilet cubicles continue to serve their purpose for years to come.

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